by PaalThal Anunnaki



From" Paa Tal" Album 2013


This body is not enough to conceive immortality
Nevertheless our mind if we want is able to understand

“All is mind” we live in an infinite hologram to incomprehensible
Hang on to illusory reality design for ourselves
Positron & antiproton make the antimatter acquaintance for human
Accordingly each one atom there’s same antimatter magnitude
Scientist asking where is it?

Beyond our universe confines only see light & energy
And same time is darkness & mystifying, the coherent paradox professed 9° dimension
Be one with cosmos; visualize the violet flame burning inside of you
Signs & words assist in the voyage
Train your spirit, invoke nahual and leave your body

With mental alchemy be capable to recognize it

Distinguish Malkuth adopt Adonai ha-Aretz in the blaze of Eshim
Feel the red breeze and strength from Mars to us Geburah
In crown of kether there’s Chaioth ha-Kadesh under brightness of Metatron
Entrust in knowledge from Daath the occult sephirot

Behold chakra ajna, trust in transcendence
During uttarayana when the sun is in the north
Feel the unique energy from the origin in you

Ain Sof Or


released September 23, 2013
Xastur; Lead Guitars, Bass Guitar, Vocals

Thy Kriegger; Drums



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PaalThal Anunnaki GTO, Mexico

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